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Registration Team

Register guests during the event.

Hospitality Team

Serve in the Family Life Center during the event to meet and greet guests, to help serve refreshments, and provide other guest services as needed.

First Impressions Team

Create a welcoming atmosphere as guests enter the FBCJ campus.

The Parking Team

Assist with traffic flow and parking needs during the event.

Drama Team

Speaking and non-speaking roles are available. There are parts for cast "extras", as well as parts for speaking and non-speaking cast members. All ages are welcome to participate (children must be accompanied by parents or guardians; rehearsals and costuming are required).

The Costuming Team

Provide needed costumes for the Bethlehem Cast. Areas include sewing, fitting, make-up, etc.

Tour Guide Team

Guide the guest tour groups through Bethlehem. Some minor speaking may be involved. Tour Guides will be costumed.

Set Design and Decorations Team

Designing, prepare and decorate "Bethlehem" to create a realistic atmosphere.

Construction and Assembly Team

Building and assemble the Journey through Bethlehem Set.

Sound and Lighting Team

Set up and provide for technical needs throughout the Bethlehem set.

Craft Team

Create crafts - baked goods, clay items, etc. to be used in the event.

Prayer Team

Lift up specific and ongoing prayer needs for the Bethlehem Journey ministry.

Baking Team

Prepare baked goods - cookies, homemade bread, etc. to be used in the production and in guest hospitality.

Outreach and Follow-Up Team

Provide follow-up letters, cards, emails, etc. to guests who attend.

When Is It?

December 13-17, 2023

Where Is It?

The Bethlehem Journey will be held at First Baptist Church Joelton.

Who Can Participate?

This is a church-wide, multi-generational outreach ministry that offers a place of service for everyone, from children through adults. Children must be accompanied by parents or guardians.

What Can I Do?

Areas of service include prayer teams, greeters, speaking and non-speaking cast members, craft teams, set design and assembly, baking, guest hospitality and registration, costuming, and more. You can read a little more about each team below.

What Does A Star, A  Manger, And You Have In Common? 

They are all needed in Bethlehem! If you'd like to get in touch with us to be be part of somebody's Bethlehem Journey please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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